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Data is every stakeholder’s best friend when buying or leasing commercial property. Due diligence and research are among the most crucial aspects of any deal-making process, and investors rely on research and market analytics to make the best property-related decisions. As the go-to centralized commercial real estate platform, we’re proud to offer one of the most robust data and analytics offerings: our Crexi Intelligence subscription.

We’ve rounded up a list of favorite features to show how current users make the most of Crexi Intelligence, to give crystal-clear insight into some of our platform’s most useful and powerful capabilities.

Crexi’s partnership with Placer.Ai equips users with in-depth foot traffic details and trends for every zip code and county nationwide. Through this partnership, buyers and tenants can quickly analyze foot traffic data by benchmarking a specific property’s dominance against comparable listings.

We also conveniently pair foot traffic trends with other critical CRE data, allowing property seekers to quickly identify the best properties in their geographical area of interest while avoiding cannibalization or low-traffic areas. For office and retail buyers and tenants, this is especially helpful to identify the highest potential value properties.

Property Records

The Property Records feature allows Intelligence subscribers to conveniently search and export parcel and building data, ownership contact information, and more on over 153 million assets nationwide. We designed this feature to streamline the search and export process by quickly aggregating proprietary Crexi data and verified 3rd-party sources on a single page, whether browsing based on search inputs and advanced query filters, or investigating a single listing. With Property Records’ easy view, users can freely explore property information about:

  • Property details
  • Owner Contact Information
  • Financial history
  • Climate Factors data (in partnership with First Street Foundation)
  • Foot traffic analytics (in partnership with

Property Records saves stakeholders countless hours of due diligence effort and makes it easier than ever to act faster, on better-informed investment decisions. 

Read how this Intelligence user closed on a high-value deal in 24 hours using Crexi.

Comps Details

When unsure about decisions, we look to the past to inform our current choices. In the world of real estate, sales comparables (comps) are one of the most crucial tools used for investors and brokers to form an accurate picture of their property’s valuation. Intelligence includes an exportable database of over 13 million sales comps nationwide, searchable by parameters such as:

  • Asking price
  • Sale date and price
  • Closing cap rate
  • Address
  • Listing brokers
  • Property photos
  • Square footage
  • Region
  • Asset class
  • Zoning
  • And much more!

With a clear understanding of how properties transacted in the past, investors can understand how current and historic market conditions play into their current listing and use this insight to maximize their ROI.

Insights Tab

Users will spy an Insights Tab on every property page, sales comp, and property search, providing highly detailed data, analytics, and trends into whatever they’re currently searching. The Insights Tab unlocks critical details needed for crucial decision-making, allowing users to accomplish research, such as:

  • Analyze a market’s current available office space for lease, 
  • Explore historically how industrial assets have traded at Class A vs. Class B designations over the last five years
  • Calculate a potential future valuation. 

With these data and trends in hand, CRE stakeholders hold a more strategic understanding of their listings or potential purchase’s value, 

Interactive Maps

Our Interactive Maps features were designed to provide property-seekers with an instant and accurate view of valuable information regarding any market of interest. A quick click will show insight into population counts, median income levels, traffic counts, and points of interest, no matter how you slice the area. Quickly check regional stats by zip code, county, block, or state, depending on how far you zoom in. Perfect for retailers or office stakeholders, these map overlays offers real-world context into your potential next investment.

an ipad shows Crexi's map overlays in action, held in front of a desk

The Bottom Line

We designed Intelligence to simplify and collect next-level insights and analytics to better equip decision-makers to discover and transact their next property. While many of these features are free to casual browsers, Intelligence’s insights are designed to reduce research time, enhance workflow, and localize due diligence all in one place. But don’t take our word for it: our Trustpilot reviews and library of case studies show how real CRE professionals use Crexi Intelligence to navigate the more than $5 trillion in property value listed on our platform. 

Ready to unlock more data insights? Check out Intelligence here.

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