Crexi Connection: Meet our June 2022 Employee Spotlights

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People are at the heart of what we do at Crexi. We work hard and play hard, and collaboration is a key factor in achieving our mission of empowering millions of CRE professionals with a robust marketplace, easy-to-use workflow management tools, and customizable data analytics to accelerate their success.

Each month, we’re highlighting different members of the Crexi team to celebrate their work and the impact they make, both internally and for our customers. Check out our featured Crexi Connections for June!

Rayelle Calvert Headshot

Meet Rayelle Calvert

Territory Manager (3 years 11 months)

What drew you to Crexi?

It’s a funny story actually. Prior to Crexi, I was in property management for multifamily buildings in Santa Monica and Venice, and a broker that was using Crexi came into one of our locations in July 2018.

He would work out of the original Crexi Marina Del Rey office sometimes, so he knew Mike and some of the crew quite well and mentioned he thought I’d be a good fit. That same week, Matt Cors called me. We had a great conversation, so I came in for an interview with Doug, and the rest is history. I took the job the same week! 

I loved the idea of being a part of building a company and taking it to the next level. Meeting with a few of the original hires, I knew they had something really special and an awesome team in place. I had to be a part of it. 

 What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The ability to be constantly learning. I didn’t come from a commercial real estate or sales background, so I’ve learned everything from my peers as well as our broker clients. I feel like I truly do learn something new every day, whether it’s about commercial real estate or ways to improve my sales game. Also, playing a role in Crexi’s overall evolution has been absolutely amazing.

You recently won “The Closer” award at ICSC, congratulations! What is your top piece of advice for a person working in sales?

Persistence and being yourself! Too often, salespeople come across as “salesy” and it simply doesn’t work. People read right through that, especially in commercial real estate, and once I learned to walk the fine line of being persistent but not annoying, I really witnessed my numbers excel. I’d encourage any new salesperson to know their product well, learn from the successful sellers in their field, and find a way to build their own style! 

How would you describe the culture of the Sales team?

Our team is unlike any other. You hear horror stories about the “sales culture” at other companies, but we’ve done such a good job of truly making this a collaborative environment. Everyone on the team helps one another and wants to see each other succeed. When one person wins, we all win.

Describe Crexi in three words.

Exciting, Innovative, and Game-changing.  

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I try to be outside as often as possible. I love going on hikes with my perfect pup, Maizy, hanging all day at the beach, live music, and spending my Sundays at church, followed by family time. 

Taylor Curtiss Headshot

Meet Taylor Curtiss

Account Executive (2 years, 5 months at Crexi)

What drew you to Crexi?

When I interviewed at the office, everyone I spoke to genuinely loved their jobs and was fired up on Crexi. From the beginning, the team’s strong work ethic and grind was contagious.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

The people! Simply put, Crexi is my second home. It’s given me a community of genuine friendships, rockstar mentors, a growth focused mindset, and tons of volleyball and pickleball partners.

You recently won “The Shank Award” (for the person who exhibited the most Crexi-ness) at ICSC, congratulations! What is it about Crexi that inspires you to be such a strong company champion? 

Thank you! The passion and support for Crexi goes both ways. Our leadership team has continually made me feel valued, cared for, and has been supportive of my professional and personal growth. It’s easy to spread the good word about Crexi when you can see the tangible impact we’re making in the industry.

How would you describe the culture of the Sales team? 

Collaboratively competitive. Our team is fired up to grind it out each month and compete against one another, but also generous in sharing their knowledge and helping those around them succeed. 

Describe Crexi in three words.

Disruptor, Powerful, and Family.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Beach volleyball, photography, mountain biking, swimming in the ocean, visiting national parks, backpacking, and pretty much anything that involves the outdoors.

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