Mike DeGiorgio on Two-Sided: The Marketplace Podcast

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Mike DeGiorgio was featured on Two-Sided: The Marketplace Podcast to chat all things Crexi, how the company got started, and technology’s transformation of the traditional commercial real estate industry. In this wide-ranging conversation, Mike and host Sjoerd Handgraaf discuss how to over-deliver on value when building tools for each side of the CRE transaction process. The two also covered how Crexi embraced and empowered the CRE middleman — brokers — to bring the entire marketplace into the digital space. 

Mike co-founded Crexi in 2015 after experiencing a need for a modern CRE tool in his own career. Before founding Crexi, he was a top producer in the creation and launch of Auction.com Commercial (now Ten-X). Mike has managed 400+ CRE transactions and teams totaling $1B+ over four years. Mike earned his Business Degree from Northern Illinois University, from which he won the 2018 Outstanding Young Alumni award and where he also serves as a visiting lecturer.

Tune in to hear Mike’s thoughts on CRETech, the future of how CRE transactions occur, and promising updates and features Crexi has in store for all aspects of commercial real estate.

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Crexi offers an all-in-one platform solution for the CRE industry with an open marketplace and an abundance of tools for both investment and leasing professionals. Using innovative technology to simplify and expedite the robust CRE transaction process, our goal is to streamline every facet of the sales and leasing process by offering an integrated suite of easy-to-use CRE tools in one sophisticated platform.

The latest additions to Crexi’s product lineup are the Auction platform, Intelligence, and Crexi Elite:

Crexi’s auction platform offers a radical way to provide and bid on properties entirely online. The Auction tool allows sellers to list property information easily and receive offers from verified bidders. Buyers can conduct all due diligence and bid on properties in real-time from anywhere in the world. Learn more about Crexi Auctions and explore current property offerings

Crexi Intelligence is a subscription-based data offering that equips CRE professionals with our entire database of Sales Comparables and MSA Market Reports. The information provided with Intelligence helps brokers, sellers, and buyers make better decisions when buying and selling real estate. With Crexi Intelligence, users will feel confident that they’re buying or selling properties at the best possible price. 

Crexi Elite is a managed services offering that markets an individual property to attract significantly more leads and activity. Elite users can access dedicated support and reporting from an Elite Marketing Advisor, custom-built emails that exclusively feature properties to a targeted audience, and higher tile placement on Crexi’s platform to get more eyes on Elite listings.

As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to share your great ideas with our product team. Feel free to comment or reach out to hello@crexi.com.

About Sjoerd Handgraaf:

Sjoerd Handgraaf is the host of Two-Sided: the Marketplace Podcast. He is also CMO for Sharetribe, who make marketplace software solutions. Sharetribe’s mission is to democratize the sharing economy. Making the learnings and insights from experienced marketplace entrepreneurs more widely available is a key part of that mission, and the Two-Sided podcast is one of the tools to achieve this.

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