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Crexi’s own Paul Cohen was recently featured as a special guest on The Retail Focus Podcast, a weekly radio show dedicated to comprehensive coverage of the retail industry. In this episode, Paul discussed the Crexi platform, the impact of coronavirus on the retail sector, and what future trends might emerge in the wake of COVID-19.

Key takeaways

Here are some points Paul discussed with the Retail Focus Podcast team:

  • While many buyers are waiting to see how things settle, search traffic for properties on Crexi is up 25%. Too, many market deals that were already in the pipeline are closing. Generally, commercial real estate professionals see a pent up demand for properties, and once people understand what the future holds, they’ll jump back into the pool seeking investment opportunities. 
  • This wait-and-see approach includes the retail sector: people won’t completely stop shopping or staying at hotels, they’ll just do it differently. Coronavirus is merely speeding up the natural progression of changes in people’s behavior, including migration into the digital realm. Brokers now have time to bring their listings online, and buyers and tenants are preparing for their next moves.

Paul Cohen is the National Director at Crexi, leading our national account executive team to help brokers close more deals quickly and efficiently. Paul is a licensed broker with nearly 30 years of commercial real estate experience. He has represented numerous private owners with underwriting and developing marketing strategies and has over $1 billion in total transaction valuation. Before joining Crexi in 2016, Paul worked with companies such as Lennar Florida Partners, Easton-Babcock & Associates, and CBRE.

Tune in to this episode to hear Paul’s insights on the current state of CRE, the future of CRE Tech in the wake of coronavirus, and what Crexi has in store for buyers, brokers, and tenants alike.

Download the episode.

Crexi offers a one-stop, open-source solution for the often chaotic CRE industry with an open marketplace and an abundance of tools for both investment and leasing professionals. By using innovative technology to simplify and expedite CRE transactions, our goal is to streamline every facet of the sales and leasing process by offering an integrated suite of easy-to-use CRE tools in one sophisticated platform.As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to share your great ideas with our product team. Feel free to comment or reach out to

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