The Best of The Crexi Podcast 2021

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In 2021, the commercial real estate community returned stronger than ever before, helping each other grow and strategize with next-level insights and conversations. 

We launched The Crexi Podcast to equip brokers, investors, and principals with the data and conversation they need to stay informed about the ever-changing tides of commercial real estate. Since March, we’ve released 23 episodes, hosted 30+ CRE professionals, and educated nearly 10,000 listeners nationwide.

To cap off a year of learnings, we’ve curated a collection of your favorite The Crexi Podcast episodes. From data-driven asset class performance talks to in-depth discussions about managing your brokerage and much more, these episodes were among the most popular last year.

Launching Your Own Commercial Investment Firm

Aired 9/15/2021

This episode of The Crexi Podcast discusses the journey of launching a commercial investment firm with Aaron Zucker, Founder of Zucker Investment Group. Crexi’s Yannis Papadakis chats with Aaron about the benefits and challenges of launching and running your own business, why curiosity is essential as a commercial investor, and what the future looks like for the world of retail. 

SIOR & The Next Generation of CRE Professionals

Aired 9/29/2021

This episode covers SIOR and the next generation of CRE professionals with Patrick Sentner, President of SIOR. Crexi’s Ryan Schlesinger sits down with Patrick to discuss his journey through commercial real estate, all things SIOR, and what the future holds for the next generation of brokers. 


The Current Landscape of Commercial Property Lending

Aired 8/18/2021

This episode dives deep into the latest in commercial lending with Amber Sefert of Trimont Real Estate Services. Crexi’s Yannis Papadakis chats with Amber about the financial sector’s response to COVID-19 and current commercial real estate lending trends. 


CCIM and How to Cultivate Your CRE Network

Aired 9/1/2021

This episode of The Crexi Podcast discusses the importance of building a CRE network with Timothy S. Blair, President of CCIM Institute. Crexi’s Yannis Papadakis chats with Tim, also Principal at Shannon Waltchack, about how CCIM provides education and networking opportunities for its members, as well as about the importance of cultivating relationships in CRE. 

The Renaissance of the Retail Sector

Aired 10/27/2021

This episode of The Crexi Podcast explores the revitalization of retail commercial property with Jimmy Slusher, VP at CBRE’s National Retail Partners-West. Crexi’s Matt Cors joins Jimmy to discuss how the retail property sector has recovered admirably in a post-COVID landscape as well as what trends, investment patterns, and consumer behaviors Slusher sees influencing the future of the sector. 

Deciphering the Future of Commercial Offices

Aired 11/10/2021

This episode of The Crexi Podcast analyzes the future of the commercial office sector with Anthony DeLorenzo, EVP with CBRE’s Capital Markets. Crexi’s Matt Cors joins Anthony to discuss the most recent performance and activity in the office sector, what strategic decisions companies are making when acquiring office space, and what the future holds for offices across regional markets.

Lessons from a CRE Tech Investor

Aired 10/13/2021

This episode of The Crexi Podcast covers lessons learned from investing in commercial real estate technology with Hunter Dallas of Leon Capital Group. Crexi’s Ashley Kobovitch sits down with Hunter to discuss the most important lessons learned as an investor in both technology startups and various commercial real estate assets and businesses. 

Insights from The Real Estate Philosopher

Aired 4/28/2021

This episode features Bruce Stachenfeld, founder of Duvall and Stachenfeld. Crexi’s Yannis Papadakis sits down with Bruce to explore his insights from 30+ years being a real estate lawyer, including his investment philosophies and his predictions for the next generation of commercial property investing. 

Which was your favorite episode? What do you want to hear more about in 2022? Interested in being featured as a guest? Let us know.

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