The CRE Data and Marketing Advantage

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On this episode of The Crexi Podcast, we examine the marketing and branding side of commercial real estate with Adam Siegel of CBRE. 

The Crexi Podcast explores various aspects of commercial real estate in conversation with top industry professionals. In each episode, we feature different guests, tapping into their wealth of expertise and exploring the latest trends in commercial real estate. 

In this episode, Crexi’s Ashley Kobovitch sits down with Siegel to chat about the power of data marketing and the details about what gives a renowned brokerage company like CBRE its edge. 

Their wide-ranging conversation covers:

  • How to leverage collected data from a marketing perspective.
  • How the structure of a company like CBRE propels its brokers as the largest CRE company in the world.
  • Predictions for hot assets types based on a market analyst’s perspective.
  • Advice on the importance of team synergy and individual expertise.
  • And much more!

Listen to the episode here:

Prefer video? The episode also lives on our Youtube page:

About Adam Siegel:

Adam Siegel has been with CBRE for over nine years and serves as Marketing and Operations leader for NRP-West and IPSOCAL, focused on retail, industrial, and medical commercial real estate sales. His background before CBRE was in consumer credit as well as in software development for companies like Capital One, Disney, Jumeirah International, and others.

About Crexi:

Crexi is transforming commercial real estate with advanced, integrative technology and data analytics designed to accelerate every CRE stakeholder’s success. From trading properties to machine-learning-powered industry Intelligence, Crexi’s intuitive CRE solutions accelerate transaction velocity and have empowered nearly 2 million monthly users to close $330 billion in deals and market over $2 trillion in property value.

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