The Top 6 Tools in Crexi’s Mobile App

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Wherever you are in your deal, you can go further, faster, with the power of Crexi in your pocket. With the Crexi mobile app, we’ve made it easier than ever to ensure you never miss an opportunity, no matter where life takes you. You can manage your listings, connect with leads, conduct due diligence, and manage your to-do lists, all on the go.

To help you make the most of Crexi’s app, we’ve compiled this handy list of its most powerful features and some suggestions for using them best. 

1. Crexi Swipe

Real estate + Crexi = a match made for each other. Crexi Swipe allows users to swipe and match with properties on the go. Quickly view a property’s details and swipe right to save a listing to view for later, or swipe left to pass. 

Crexi Swipe instantly shows you properties based on your map views, selected filters, and previous searches. Tweak the parameters, and see what new matches pop up! 

2. Saved Properties/Searches

When you know what you want but haven’t found the right asset, you can create a saved set of search parameters with alerts to inform you when a new selection of listings matches your criteria. These saved searches allow you to find your next investment quickly, connect with the listing broker, and make your next move. 

Once you’ve found the perfect property – either through Swipe or by exploring the map view – you can also easily add it to a saved search collection to view later. These collections can be shared directly with friends, clients, or collaborators via the Crexi app. 

3. Manage Listings

For brokers, the Crexi app lets you take all the power of Crexi’s listing and lead managing tools wherever your next deal is. All from a smartphone, brokers can:

  • Add and edit listings: keeping properties current and ready to share with prospective leads.
  • Manage comps: once you’ve nailed a deal, easily upload and manage your own comps directly from the app. 
  • Real-time lead alerts: Be notified as soon as a prospective lead looks at your property, letting you get the first-mover’s advantage of proactively getting in touch with a lead when they’re looking, rather than when they request more information. 

When minutes may mean the difference between securing a buyer or letting one get away, brokers praise these features as a few favorites. With the Crexi app, brokers don’t need to worry about missing a thing.

4. Parcels & Property Records

Property Records on Crexi allow CRE stakeholders to access information on 153M+ properties and parcels nationwide*. This information compiles contact information, transaction and ownership history, and tax data in one convenient place. We designed this feature to allow property seekers to seamlessly prospect for future deals and connect with off-market owners. Brokers, too, can harness Property Records to find new listing opportunities and build out their networks across a nationwide market.

Basic access to Property Records’ transaction history functionality is free to all mobile users, making the ability to learn about a sale or transfer of property more accessible and more efficient. However, this feature’s true power is unlocked for PRO users and Intelligence subscribers, who can quickly source, review, and analyze even more data directly in the Crexi App. 

Simply filter by Properties on the search tool and tap a parcel on the map to freely explore property information about:

  • Property lot/location/building details
  • Ownership history
  • Owner contact information (with accuracy scores)
  • Financial/tax history
  • Transaction history
  • And much more!

The mobile version of Property Records saves stakeholders countless hours of due diligence work. With the Crexi app, it’s easier than ever to act faster on better-informed investment decisions, no matter how far you are from a computer. 

*The depth of Property Records access depends on subscription status.

5. Contacts

Brokers and property seekers can easily manage their rolodexes from the Crexi app. Keep track of important contact details and easily reach out to connections directly, saving you time and helping you organize from a single tool. 

PRO brokers can also easily connect with Crexi-generated leads (as soon as they look at your listings) if the moment is right: a quick tap will launch an email or start a phone call with your next prospect. 

6. Reminders

Reminders make the most of your phone’s notification system to organize and manage your tasks with a few clicks. PRO brokers and Intelligence subscribers can easily add items to their to-do lists using the Reminders feature. 

Users can fully customize each reminder to include details such as subjects, date/time management, and even priority rankings to tackle your most important tasks first. Never lose track of a stray email or follow-up again – the Crexi app is ready to remind you.

The Bottom Line: Crexi in Your Hand

Crexi’s mobile app places the power of Crexi’s research and transaction tools snugly in your pocket. Whether you’re a broker, investor, or anywhere along the transaction process, you can make decisions and forge connections on the go with just a few taps. 

Ready to explore the full power of the Crexi app? Learn more here to get started.

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