Posted: October 31, 2017 by the CREXi Marketing & Product Teams

Here at CREXi we are passionate about continuously developing meaningful product features that help CRE professionals save time & resources while accelerating their business results.

Our latest tech update is filled with a host of new features and improvements, from enhanced deal marketing to more timely notifications.  Read on to learn more about what we’ve cooked up in our latest release.



CRE brokers face a ton of challenges when it comes to email marketing: brand control, overly complicated software, tracking results, etc. The latest rev of the CREXi Marketing Portal empowers every member of your to team to send more effective emails, increase deal activity, and garner more connections with prospective buyers.

In this update, we have added the option for users to upload their own email marketing PDFs/images with the ability to add URL links to the image linking back to either the property listing or due diligence vault.

As an added bonus, users now have the ability to customize the call-to-action buttons to match your brand.


Marketing Portal Tech Update


Having multiple listings is a good thing, except when it isn’t. If you have multiple listings and lots of activity, getting real-time notifications could put you (and your inbox) into overload. While its usually a good problem to have, nobody wants to miss that critical update due to an overloaded inbox.

As a solution to that problem, you can now control when and how many buyer activity notifications you receive on your listings.  Want a summary once a day on all activity?  Or maybe you prefer real-time activity on executed CAs? No problem. You set the Activity Alerts to fit your needs.


Set Property Notification Settings


Your saved searches can be viewed in tiles on the right side of the screen with a green “New Properties” banner alerting you to any new properties added that fit the search parameters.

You can also customize notifications for each Saved Search to be alerted either daily, weekly, or not at all.


Saved Search Features


Share any of your listings on social media simply by clicking the icons in the top right of the Property Dashboard.  Now you can take advantage of your social presence and reach in just a click.


Social Share GIF

As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to share your great ideas with our product team.  Feel free to comment or reach out to