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Read to the end to see if you have any unclaimed property….

I got my first job in sales when I was still at college. It was from a blind ad in the newspaper (no internet back then). I showed up to an office in Central London to find a dozen or so hopeful young men all looking for the same job. Turns out it was for Encyclopedia Britannica; selling the full 32 volumes door to door. Unfortunately for me, I got the job and so did the other dozen young gents! I could share many a tail of a door-to-door salesman but I’ll save that for another time (remind me to tell you). What I did want to share was the one good piece of advice I get from the sales trainer regarding call reluctance.

I don’t remember the trainers name but he had certainly found his calling in life. He got the group pumped to go sell Encyclopedia’s. He asked us this one simple question:

What if you had to call somebody and tell them they had one thousand pounds in a bank account that they had forgotten. Could you make that call?

“Of course,” we all responded.

He asked us why because this was someone we had never spoken to before, they didn’t know we would be calling and they probably had just sat down to dinner. “Well, because they would be getting a thousand pounds.” “Exactly! So just do the same thing with these,” he yelled holding up a volume of the EB.

The group was not convinced but he was ready for us. He explained how EB would look great on the bookshelves, educate their kids, satiate their curiosity; a value that was priceless. Looking back at it now I’m not so sure but at the time we all bought in (remember, this was before google and Wikipedia). We hit the streets and the phones and started selling. I lasted a month which was about three weeks longer than everybody else in my group and I sold three complete sets of EB. The reason I quit was because one of the top salesman at EB showed me a CD ROM of EB and told me that soon nobody would be buying the book version (the year was 1990).

So why do I tell you this story? Well, I find myself at a firm that is currently offering CRE brokers the opportunity to market their properties for free in addition to providing all the tools needed to manage the marketing process! All I have to do is let them know that this is available and that they can get buyers for their properties, do client reports, send out up to 50,000 emails all for Free. It’s like I’m calling to tell Brokers they have unclaimed property in a bank account!

By the way, if you think you may have unclaimed property then go to this website and claim yours.  Either way, you can still put your properties on CREXI for free by Clicking Here.

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Paul Cohen

Paul Cohen, Regional DirectorPaul Cohen is a Regional Director with CREXi based in the firm’s Miami office and focused on business development in the southeast. Prior to joining CREXi, Cohen was a Managing Director specializing in investment sales and equity raises at Cohen Financial, a national debt and equity advisor. Prior to Cohen Financial, Paul owned and operated his own independent real estate firm following a 12-year tenure at CBRE where Cohen was a Senior Vice President and led the Private Client Group in Miami-Dade County with a specialty in office and industrial investment sales.  Email Paul