How a Chicago Broker Sells and Fills Space with Crexi

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Meet Zach Pruitt

Managing Broker and Principal at Cawley Commercial’s Chicago office, responsible for representing owners with property sales by positioning the asset for highest-and-best use and assisting the owners of under-performing holdings by creating a strategic leasing initiative and implementing an assertive approach to achieve increased occupancy. 

Painting the scene

As a boutique industrial specialist in the broader Chicago metro area, Mr. Pruitt needed a centralized, easy-to-use tool to connect him with brokers, buyers, and tenants and to equip him with everything he needed to effectively market and manage his client’s listings on a nationwide basis.

Mr. Pruitt discovered Crexi in early 2019 and was an early adopter, immediately recognizing the value for the cost of the platform. In the years since, Cawley Chicago has successfully harnessed Crexi to dispose of assets and fill its clients’ spaces with high-value tenants.

“The exposure [Crexi] offers, you just don’t get that on other websites right now – the national reach is unmatched.”

As Crexi PRO users, Mr. Pruitt and the Cawley Chicago team have enjoyed national exposure, enhanced lead management capabilities, and insightful data tools to help them provide the highest value to their clients.

Crexi’s automated marketing tools immediately notify the Cawley Chicago team of inbound interest, allowing them to increase outreach efforts and build customer affinity with their proactive approach.

Streamlined Operations: Simplified and powerful listing management and due diligence tools allow Cawley Chicago to optimize their workflows and make business decisions with the help of in-depth analytics.

National Exposure: Automated emails and machine-learning-optimized search results showcase Cawley Chicago properties to a nationwide audience, connecting the team to a broader market of potential buyers and tenants.

Since signing up for PRO, Zach Pruitt and Cawley Chicago team have seen:

“Crexi provides the most bang and benefit for your buck across the board compared to everything else…Crexi TODAY provides more exposure, maneuverability, and offerings as a complete platform.”

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