How a New Broker Won $15M+ in Deals in 2 Months

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Meet Danae Joy Dekker at LPT Realty

Danae Dekker is a born-and-raised Florida local and broker who services Eastern and Southern regions of the state.

Painting the Scene

Licensed in early 2022, Dekker transitioned from an agricultural background to a career in commercial real estate to take advantage of the sector’s many opportunities.

Dekker upgraded to PRO in August 2022, and her inbox flooded with inbound leads within the first week.

“I have only been a licensed agent for 7 months and I now have over $15 million worth of potential deals. All of this traction came from Crexi leads, persistent follow-up, and consistently proving my value to my leads.”

Dekker developed a system to touch base with every qualified lead from Crexi, yielding huge results for her business.

  • Unrivaled Exposure: Crexi’s superior listing and lead marketing tools collect engaged prospects for Dekker. With AI-facilitated matching, Dekker locks down hundreds of quality leads in record time.
  • Data Wealth: Across her various commercial projects, Dekker saves time evaluating deals with Crexi’s Intelligence tools including comparables, foot traffic, demographic insights, and more – all included with PRO. 
  • Seamless Marketing: Exclusive email blasts and machine-learning powered search optimization showcases Dekker’s listings to a national audience beyond human speed or efficiency.

In only two months of using PRO, Dekker received:

Metrics of Danae Joy Dekker's Crexi PRO Success

“If you’re on the fence about signing a contract for a PRO membership, just do it. If you use all the tools provided to you and do the work, the results will follow.”

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