How an LA Broker Made 140K in Five Months with Crexi

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Meet John Swartz at Compass Commercial

John Swartz currently serves as Executive Vice President of Compass Commercial and as an investment advisor as well. Beyond brokering, Swartz has also worked on the principal side of commercial real estate, and his passions also flow into the areas of architecture, design, and community advocacy.

Painting the scene

Armed with a detailed LA market expertise and a relational work ethic, Swartz has serviced both private and institutional clients in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area for the past decade. Over his career, Swartz has successfully transacted over $360 million in volume, specializing in multifamily and development sites. 

Swartz switched to PRO at the beginning of 2022 to take his team to the next level, and has seen tremendous results in lead capture and efficient closes since.

“I was really impressed with alerts, immediate feedback, prospect and client list, and the simplicity of tracking everyone without an additional CRM! This made life easier.”

In just five months, Swartz leveraged the Crexi platform to make $140,000 in gross fees in a handful of transactions. By following up with potential buyers from different listings, Swartz was able to connect the principals with each other and close, as well as complete another 1031 exchange for the same principal at full list price – all in the span of five months.

  • Client Advantage: With Crexi’s powerful AI/ML Recommendation Engine, Swartz finds quality buyers, including value add, core, core plus, and developers. This way, his team can immediately reach out to the most viable prospects and quickly turnaround sales for his clients.
  • Lightning Turnaround: Simplified listing tools, instant and detailed lead insights, and robust due diligence tools offer the perfect suite of operations for Swartz’s team to make back-to-back deals.
  • Nationwide Reach: In addition to local interest, Crexi also connects Swartz to buyers all the way up through Northern California and out-of-state investors as well. Thanks to automated emails and machine-learning-optimized search results, Swartz’s team has a direct line to the best-fitted principals of any deal, wherever they operate. 

In just half a year of using PRO, Swartz and his team have achieved:

1,800+ Unique Leads, 82 Leads per Listing, $140k+ Commission

“[Crexi] is the most user-friendly and accurate platform. If you don’t invest in yourself, you’re not gonna make money – it’s worth the investment, and all it takes is one deal to pay off. And it’s not just the commission; it’s the potential buyers and sellers for the future as well.”

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