Meet Our 2022 Platinum Broker Award Winners

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We at Crexi are proud to announce the winners of our first annual Platinum Broker Awards, an inaugural awards program recognizing the top one percent of brokers on our platform.

“This program is our way of acknowledging the brokers who continue to make an impact and find success with Crexi across sales, lease, and auction functions,” states our CEO and Founder, Mike DeGiorgio. “Commercial real estate has been a difficult landscape to navigate over the past two years, but brokers have found technology solutions like Crexi to continue growing their business and closing more deals in record time.” 

The Platinum Broker Awards are performance-based, looking at brokers’ activities on Crexi. We cast our eye beyond property volume and total value sold, taking into account each user’s platform activity, search scores, leads, and more. We modeled our Awards to level the playing field, allowing all brokers, regardless of business size, to be recognized as a top performer.

All brokers on Crexi are eligible for the Platinum Broker Awards. Nomination is based on high engagement, high property search score, use and knowledge of Crexi’s marketing portal, deals closed on Crexi, as well as a healthy number of leads per listing, total listings, and total value. Brokers are recognized based on three focuses – sale, lease and auction. Winners from the sale and lease categories span hospitality, industrial, land, multifamily, office, retail, restaurant, and special purpose sectors, while the auction category spotlights top performers overall. 

Our inaugural list includes 1,000 Platinum Brokers, with winners earning an exclusive badge on their Crexi profile to recognize their accomplishment and identify them as a Crexi expert to clients and colleagues. Today, we’re proud to equip brokers with technology solutions that allow them a unique opportunity to advance and succeed in the industry.

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